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That generally sums up my weekend and general feeling at present.

Last nights expected gigging gave way to me getting home from Camden and falling asleep at about 6pm only to reawaken just after 10pm! So no gigs for me and an early night as I was asleep again by 11 :-(

Today has been equally as 'blerg'. I ended up going into work but possibly shouldn't have done. My eyes bloody ache due to wearing incorrect glasses. My new pair will be ready, now, in little over a week and it can't come soon enough. I hate eye strain and the piercing headaches it's been giving me. That's the most notable reason for my early nights and sleeping habits at the moment I think.

And it's not doing very well in boosting my motivation, drive and general 'I Am The King' mentality I want to reachive.

It's strange but the thing that's motivated me the most in the last few weeks is the one thing I thought I would never be motivated about again. Who knows what the future may bring....?

In anycase, I fear a very restful week ahead whilst I try to relax my eyes. Also my boss is on holiday for the next two weeks which means some late nights at the office for Angus. Double bummer when you throw in my current focal problems.

KMFDM on Thursday though (yay!). Just hope I'm sans headache for that :-p

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