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That generally sums up my weekend and general feeling at present.

Last nights expected gigging gave way to me getting home from Camden and falling asleep at about 6pm only to reawaken just after 10pm! So no gigs for me and an early night as I was asleep again by 11 :-(

Today has been equally as 'blerg'. I ended up going into work but possibly shouldn't have done. My eyes bloody ache due to wearing incorrect glasses. My new pair will be ready, now, in little over a week and it can't come soon enough. I hate eye strain and the piercing headaches it's been giving me. That's the most notable reason for my early nights and sleeping habits at the moment I think.

And it's not doing very well in boosting my motivation, drive and general 'I Am The King' mentality I want to reachive.

It's strange but the thing that's motivated me the most in the last few weeks is the one thing I thought I would never be motivated about again. Who knows what the future may bring....?

In anycase, I fear a very restful week ahead whilst I try to relax my eyes. Also my boss is on holiday for the next two weeks which means some late nights at the office for Angus. Double bummer when you throw in my current focal problems.

KMFDM on Thursday though (yay!). Just hope I'm sans headache for that :-p


Jul. 5th, 2004 10:56 am (UTC)
Re: Of course your the King!
We don't only have SLA but a number of other 'very cool' properties and licenses. That's another reason why I'm frustrated with myself for being so unmotivated at present - there are so many good things that I could (and should) be doing in all aspects of my life - regular work, publishing biz and social/love life.

I think a number of factors (plus generally feeling a bit under the weather) have just drained me and I need some serious clubbing, or other stress-relief/fun to awaken me again.

My day job is actually a dream job too (in many gamers eyes) although it's a lot harder than people think it is. I run a games store in London (Leisure Games www.leisuregames.com). We're the single biggest hobby games outlet in the UK and do a hell of a lot of mail order as well as our store front trade. It eats up quite a few hours at my end but it's something I do love doing and still find interesting after (ahem) 18 years in the job (four of those were part time after school and weekends I hasten to add - I'm old but not *that* old ;-p).

Gigs, and clubbing, are two of the things that generally keep me sane. I love both and try and do them as often as possible. Unofrtunately my 'regular' haunt closed down a few months ago and whilst there are some fantastic small clubs around the place I need somewhere with a lot of people, a big dancefloor, and good music. I'm hoping Synthetic Culture will fill the spot in a couple of weekends time. I really need somewhere to let me hair down and dance until I drop. Anti-Christ getting a Friday spot at the Ballroom would also be a dream come true for me if it happens. Both of the aforementioned are industrial/goth/alternative/techno clubs btw.

Anyway, I know it'll get better but I've got so much I need to be doing now it irritates me that I'm just sitting around feeling exhausted and fed-up.

Hmm.... should stop ranting now ;-p

Thanks for the post :-)

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