Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Staying Alive...

Hello my long lost loves of LJ-land.

I know I've been bad and been ignoring you way too much recently. I know no excuses will appease the pain you've been feeling and I'm really sorry I can't promise you I'll be more attentive to your needs in the near future.

I've been *so* busy recently with lots of things I'd love to tell you about. But the majority of them are things I can't speak about right now. Either because they are still under negotiation, waiting for contracts to be countersigned or being kept under wraps until we've got the projects developed to stages where we can announce them and have something to show you so you're not kept waiting months for some other morsel of information about them.

I've also been fairly busy in the limited personal social life I have left between emails and negotiations. All in all I'm very tired but pretty happy with the way things are going. Would still love that holy grail combo or more time and more money to help things move quicker though.

I'm off to Birmingham this weekend for UK Games Expo. The LG/C7 team will be arriving on Friday night and raising merry hell until Sunday evening when we return to London and Edinburgh. I'm looking forward to it as the show was my favourite Brit convention last year (well - the favourite one that *I* wasn't organising anyway :p). I'll have a pile of board games with me that Leisure Games will be playing with people infront of our stand and will alo have some copies of Cubicle 7's forthcoming debut Card Game 'Zombiaki' with me to tease people with (in their Polish Edition - but they're playable and I have the translations with me).

Card Game's you say??? Yeah, we have two card games lined up already and are currently in talks with bringing back one of my favourite old Board Games which has been out of print for many years. We may love RPGs but we also love other games too :)

I managed to see the new Indiana Jones film and must admit I wasn't exactly over impressed. I'm very glad it's done well as it'll help my Fantasy Mogul studio's ratings (yeah, I rejoined after a year away) - although it does seem like a number of competitor studios also have a slice of the Indy pie but hey, it helps me keep up with the pack! Most of my Studio's films aren't being released until towards the end of the current League Season so we'll see how I get on this time.

I also finally managed to get some of my favourite films on DVD after many years of only having them on DVD. The Blob, Spilt Second, Hardware, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (both the 1956 and 1978 versions) are amongst them plus the Wild Palms TV series from 1993 starring James Belushi.

Anyway, that's my quick update.

I do still love you and hope to spend more time being attentive in the near future.

Hope everything is well and to see you soon!

Angus x

PS - I see that Jesus Jones is now supporting The Wonderstuff on their Eight Legged Grove Machine Anniversary show at Shepherds Bush Empire in October. I'm now seriously considering whether or not I can attend the show and then get up to Manchester overnight for the games convention we're appearing at the following two days. I mean The Wonderstuff playing my favourite Stuffies album AND Jesus Jones!!!! Grrrr....

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