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Work and the weekend... (oh, and sleep?)

I'm in the middle of a twelve day straight stretch at work without a day off - mainly thanks to working all last week at UK Games Expo in Birmingham (which was great fun).

I am VERY tired.

I'm trying to aim to have the afternoon off on Thursday as I have a ton of things to catch up on both at home and with Cubicle 7 but with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition releasing on Friday I'm not sure if I'll be able to. Especially as we're preparing all the preorder mail orders tomorrow for despatch so UK customers will hopefully receive their books with their Friday post (on the morning of release) and our European and Overseas customers will get them on Saturday or early next week. I've only had a brief look through the three core books so far so can't comment on them. I have a preview set next to my bed right now but really can't see me being able to digest anything this evening (although I might manage a chapter or two of the third novel in the Torg series which I've been reading recently).

Friday night, whilst Mike and Dave are working the Leisure Games D&D Day event at The London Dungeon, I'll be (posisbly foolihly) heading to Inferno in Camden with Jasmina and then crashing for a few hours before heading into work on Saturday. Saturday night is the Vendemmian/Voices of Masada gig at Slimelight which Ray (housemate) is not only playing at with 'Voices' but is the promoter of. I doubt I'll stay for the club though - but saying that my usual excuse to exit the place of 'I need to catch the last train' is no lonegr valid as the 43 Bus route goes from the venue to my house and runs 24 hours a day. Still, I can't see myself staying long as I have an innate dislike of Slimelight these days. Sunday is Ray's birthday BBQ so the house will be invaded by a load of goths for several hours. I'm really hoping the weather is good so we can make use of the garden for it. I also hope I'm awake enough to enjoy it and not disappear upstairs and just collapse!

Ideally I'd be off to see Sons & Daughters (Monday 9th June - Scala) and The Subways (Wednesday 11th June - KOKO) next week but I don't have tickets, haven't really got the spare time and in all probability the energy next week.

I kinda took an evening off tonight and watched I Am Legend (complete with alternate ending - which is better than the released ending even if not completely perfect) with Dave, Becky and Natasha. Still enjoy the film overall though.

Now though is bedtime. I need the sleep, especially after a couple of early mornings (I was up at 5.45am yesterday in preparation of a delivery 'sometime between 7 - 11am which arrived just before 10 AND WAS THE WRONG ITEM!!! so got refused and then this morning because two of my housemates woke up early to go on holiday and managed not to be so quiet as to not wake myself and apparently Natasha up). I can sleep in until 8am though so it's a comparatively late start for me for a change!).

Goodnight folks!

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