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D&D 4E

Initial sales have been very good for us. Maybe not as good as D&D 3E but then there was a bigger 'buzz' factor with that makeover plus Dungeons & Dragons players didn't have the knowledge that the previous edition is still going to be supported via various 3rd Party Companies so 2E was effectively dead, whereas as 3/3.5E will carry on in a limited capacity whilst WotC and some other companies concentrate on 4E and the future.

Saying that, we've still sold *a lot* of copies. We brought pretty heavy based upon pre-order figures we received and I think we're now down to the last16 or 20 gift sets and need to reorder all the individual core books on Monday as we have less than a dozen of each (I think possibly only 6 PHBs) left after two days of sales.

The initial feedback we've had from people at D&D Day at London Dungeons on Friday and also in the shop/friends who've read - or started reading - the books has been overwhelmingly positive. I've heard two people moaning about it but one of those is someone who generally moans about anything that changes so we weren't so surprised about that :p

I've only had a brief look through the PHB so far and I will admit that it looks interesting. From the snippets I'd heard before release it sounded like a lot of changes had been made and it certainly looks that way from the brief flick through I've had so far. The system seems to have got a lot of praise from non-D&D players too which has been interesting. I'll be keen on hearing what some mroe of my older die-hard D&D friends and customers think of it as it certainly has moved away from some of the more recent expectations of the game system.

We've also seen a very big upswing of sales of pre-painted D&D miniatures and dungeon floor plans/map packs in the last two days. But with the game also focusing more heavily on miniature play this wasn't really all that surprising.

Unfortunately I will probably have to leave reading the book for a while longer as I have to gen-up a character for Dom's Dark Heresy game which I'm joining on Tuesday night - and I haven't read more than the first few pages of that book yet!


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Jun. 8th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
We had fun on Friday.

The game seems competent in what it does and the way it does it. I like the idea of a massive fantasy game with the powers system but I don't like the tactical miniatures angle or the slow resolution speed. And I've never been a fan of the experience and levels malarky.

But I am hoping it will do well and bring more players back to the game.
Jun. 8th, 2008 12:57 pm (UTC)
The review on the Hero Games forum is less than enthusiastic in the comments although the review itself is pretty neutral, albeit with some expressions of surprise..

Jun. 9th, 2008 08:38 am (UTC)
Sad news: Erick Wujcik died on Saturday evening of pancreatic cancer. :-(
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