Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

The Incredible Hulk and Hardware

Saw The Incredible Hulk this morning with a bunch of the guys and gals (Dave, Marysa, Toos, Izzy, Civi, Mike, Fabio, Julie) and it was rather good. Certainly better than I thought it would be after seeing some of the reviews and miles better than the Ang Lee attempt a few years ago. It contained some nice fan bits and name checking of other Marvel Universe characters/societies - the Stan Lee cameo was longer than most of his other cameos - and overall I felt they got it right. I can't wait until Marvel bring out more movies and am really looking forward to how The Avenger film is shaping up when it hits the silver screen in a few years time.

Afterwards Dave, Marysa, Izzy and Civi headed to Nando's for lunch and Dave & Marysa then came back to mine and lounged in the back garden drinking wine and talking filth until Jasmina arrived and joined in. The evenings entertainment (beyond the conversation) was provided by watching the Hardware DVD I picked up a few weeks ago. It's a gritty low-budget British cyberpunk film that was released back in 1990 and had cameo's from the rock world such as Iggy Pop, Lemmy and Carl McCoy - plus the film was my first introduction to Minstry who are on the soundtrack (weirdly whilst their music is playing you get to see a GWAR performance - but hey...). Hardware is based upon a 2000AD FutureShock episode (although they didn't credit this at the time of release and got taken to court over it so the dvd release now includes the correct 'inspired by' blurb) and deals with a post-nuclear world which is dying from pollution and overpopulation of the few remaining inhabited areas. The remians of what is mistaken for a maintainence droid are found in the wastelands and sold to Moses Baxter, a marine and nomad, who gives them to his artist/sculpture girlfriend as a Christmas present. Unbeknownst to either of them the remains are actually from a prototype war droid - The Mark-13 - which was unreliable and psychopathic.

I had great memories of the film when I first saw it 18 years ago and had it on old VHS video but haven't watched it for probably the best part of 14 years. It has aged but I still really enjoyed it. Sure, some of the acting and dialogue is questionable at times but I knew it was back then and still enjoyed it. Iggy Pop's radio DJ character still has the best line in the whole film "And the good news is...there is NO f**king Good News!"

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