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This won't mean anything to the non-gamers on my friends list so apologies in advance.

The Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Game System License is now up. The actual PDF of the GSL part can be read here, although obviously if you are interested in publishing 4E material you'll have to go throguh all the documents on the site.

Haven't had a proper read through it as yet but from the document I have gone through I'll be very interested to see who - especially from the 'big boys' will actually go with this license. It does seem very draconian and in places the wording is quite vague which isn't good.

I'll also be interested to see if more companies now come out in support of one of the alternative systems on offer like Paizo's 3.75, Green Ronins True20 or just keep promoting the old 3.5 OGL.

It's days like today when I'm very happy we (Cubicle 7) didn't decide to try and jump on the 4E wagon. My heart certainly goes out to some of my friends in the industry who signed up for 4E at the beginning of the year only to see things delayed, delayed and furtehr delayed without knowing what the GSL would contain. As far as I can see this license isn't good for any existing company who doesn't want to wholly move over to 4E and stop printing the product lines they convert over in any other system format - ever.

I'm sure they'll be heated discussion around forums and mailing lists about this one (then again there always was going to be regardless of it's content). I'll have to read it in more detail, but at the moment it doesn't look very nice.

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