Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Early Starts and Go Go Go!!!!

Waking up before 6am today has wiped me out this afternoon. I feel like I'm working at half-speed. Regardles sof it being Friday night this evening once I finish work (and have a quick drink or two with Chris) it's football, food and a very early night.

Todays been a shame as I've pretty much had a double speed week and caught up with tons of work both at the shop and to a certain extent at home with C7. Today however is comedown day... just in time for the weekend.

Still, will try and recharge some batteries this weekend. Am meeting Jasmina in town tomorrow afternoon and then it's a fairly chilled out evening followed by a trip to Mothers for Sunday lunch the next day. Next week is also shaping up to be a busy one. Have a Dragonmeet/C7 meeting on Monday, RPGing on Tuesday (Dark Heresy!) and Jasmina's over on Wednesday and Thursday before flying back to Serbia on Friday.

So next Friday could see me in the mood for a few drinks and/or clubbing. I was supposed to be in Belfast but that's not happening now due to a number of things (including workload, as we have had 1-2 people off every day this week due to holidays and are short again next week due to both holidays and Glastonbury Festival trips).

Still, things are moving in the right direction.

Hope everyone is well and catch you all sooner or later.



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