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Croatia vs Turkey

Turkey just don't know when they're beaten do they.


0-0 at Full time.

Croatia score with about 2 minutes left of extra-time. It's all over. Apart from the fact that Turkey equalise with the last kick of the match to make it 1-1 and a Penalty shoot-out. Croatia miss two and a third is saved. Turkey win.

Turkey have only been ahead for TWO minutes in the entire tournament due to their amazing run of last minute goals.

Turkey were 66-1 to win the tournament at the start of Euro2008. Only Austria had lower odds.

They now play Germany in the semi's.


How they'll put together a team with the amount of suspensions due to Yellow/Red cards and injuries will be interesting though.

Slaven Bilic (the Croatian Manager) is one of the best Managers around in my mind though. He's still in his 30's and I reckon he has a fantastic career ahead of him. I hope he Manages a Premiership Club one day. Maybe Arsenal after Arsene Wenger retires/leaves.

Both of the Quarter Finals so far have sprung results that have surprised me. It's Holland vs Russia tomorrow. I previously reckoned Holland would win. Now I have no idea.


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(no subject) - epocalypse - Jun. 20th, 2008 10:18 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - epocalypse - Jun. 20th, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 20th, 2008 10:24 pm (UTC)
I'm starting to feel vaguely encouraged by the fiver I put on Italy at 11-1, immediately after the 3-0 loss to Holland.

Been such a great tournament so far.
Jun. 21st, 2008 06:55 am (UTC)
I think they mentioned during coverage of the Germany v Portugal game that any yellow cards are cancelled after the quarter finals.
Jun. 21st, 2008 08:50 am (UTC)
I know that is/was the case in the World Cup but apparently Euro - or atleast this years Euro - is different. The commentators at last nights game kept a tally of which Yellow Carded Turks wouldn't now be playing in the Semi if they won.
Jun. 21st, 2008 09:32 am (UTC)
As I understood it, players with a single yellow card get their card tally reset, so that a yellow card in the semis wouldn't cause them to miss the final. Players with two yellow cards will still miss the semi.
Jun. 21st, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
cool wasn't aware of that, i watched the game in a noisy pub, so no commentary.

Clive Tyldesley (sp?) and David Pleat obviously had it wrong in the Germany v Portugal game then!

Though best comment from that game came from Tyldesley who suggested as the clock counted down that the Portugal players might need to start "digging a tunnel" which I didn't think was entirely appropriate...
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