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Twitter... twitter... questions?

A number of you already use Twitter and have it streamed to your LiveJournals. Yes, I have noticed it and taken note - even being the luddite I am some technological advances still catch my eye...

Anyway, it seems I have now got a Twitter account all of my own (courtesy of Dave sending me an invite a week or so ago and me finally deciding to follow the link and sign up this morning) and I was wondering how you stream it to LJ and, generally, how you use it (ok, maybe I should read the site details myself but I'm impatient and heading out in 20 minutes for some homecooked Sunday lunch courtesy of my Mother... plus it's technology and I'm no good with that!).

So, in terms that an 8-year old could understand, what do I do?

Actually scrap that as todays 8-year olds are probably already programming the next wave of nasty 'pop TV' inspired computer viruses.

So, in terms that a 90-year old could understand, what do I do?

(and don't you start telling me you have a 90-year old grandparent that is the tech king/queen of the net ok)


Jun. 22nd, 2008 02:33 pm (UTC)
I think I may take off the Twitter streaming to LJ as it seems largely pointless.

In terms of using Twitter...use it to listen. I have about 3 friends on twitter, but I follow about 150 people and I have about 100 followers. That's because I use it to follow people in the same industry/interests as me, and get early news from them, and people follow me for my occasional tweets on web design/social networking, etc. I see it as something semi-professional in usage.

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