Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Graveyard videos, Hogwart School Reforms, etc

I read about this in New Scientist earlier this mornign and now the BBC is carrying an article about it on-line.

Video Diary From Beyond The Grave (BBC News; Thursday 8th July 2004)

'Hogwarts For All' School Reforms (BBC News; Thursday 8th July 2004) - Houses aren't a new idea. I had them in both my primary and secondary schools. I think I was 'Yellow House' in both.

Also in the news was a story about a pirate-DVD salesmen who ws going door to door selling his wares when he walked into the local Office of Trading Standards (or whatever it's called) without realising who they were. He then promptly asked if they'd be interested in buying some cheap DVDs. Obviously they were 'very' interested and when he realised his mistake he did a runner leaving over £200 cash and all of the DVDs. He was later picked up by police and prosecuted. Idiot. Can't find the link anymore though.


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