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More on this later (you can bet on that) but I found out a couple of hours ago that Cubicle 7 is one of the 2008 Nominee's for "Fan's Choice for Best Publisher"!!!

We haven't got a hope in hell of winning "this year" (you just wiat until next year though - the assualt will begin! :p) but it's incredibly nice to have been nominated.

There's a whole bunch of great companies nominated - amongst them are Alderac Entertainment, Arc Dream, Black Industries, Catalyst, EOS Press, Evil Hat, Exile Game Studios, Green Ronin, Mongoose, Paizo, Pelgrane, Pinnacle, Red Brick, Steve Jackson, Troll Lord, White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards won last year (with Green Ronin runners-up) - this year I strongly suspect Paizo will be up in the top two.

I feel a bit guilty about pimping ourselves when voting begins on 21st July as we've not really started our release schedule in any major way as yet. Certainly from August this year for the next 12 months it's going to be pretty packed - and there is some really good stuff coming through - but the only things we've actually released under Cubicle 7 so far are Hunter Sheets and Cannibal Sector One for SLA Industries and the preview run of Victoriana 2nd Edition. Plus we organised Dragonmeet and the Gameforce Club Days in London.

In the next few months we'll be seeing the full release of Victoriana 2nd Edition plus the Faulkners supplement and maybe even Faces in the Smoke, Hunter Sheets 2 for SLA Industries, Starblazer Adventures plus hopefully a Players Guide, the QIN GM Screen, Doctor Who and maybe a surprise of two along with some definite surprise announcements between GenCon and Dragonmeet :p

Anyway, it's brilliant that we've been nominated and please consider coting for us when the polls open on 21st July.

I'll post more later :)


Jul. 15th, 2008 02:17 pm (UTC)
ANGUS said;
I feel a bit guilty about pimping ourselves when voting begins on 21st July as we've not really started our release schedule in any major way as yet.

I feel kinda mean pointing that out, but you beat me to it. Let this be more of a prompt for you to make it happen and to not let people down.
Jul. 15th, 2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
I think we've been learning a lot in the last year plus which will certainly help with future plans.

I think various people (such as Chris with Starblazer and Andy with victoriana) have also learnt alot about project management, deadlines and just how big things can get when you're not expecting them.

I'm glad we've learnt these things now as opposed to falling foul of them when the release schedule has been rammed. 2009 is going to be a very interesting year for us in a number of ways and I'm certainly hoping that things will be a lot more organised. Actually, not hoping - they have to be. But then hopefully time and money will also be there which will certainly make things a hundred times easier than they have been in the past.

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