Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Economics and Fitness

I've either been feeling really knackered or been ill for the last few weeks. This in itself is tiring me out further as I have tons of things I need to be getting on with but just feel lethargic and in the need of lying down and sleeping.

Maybe a few early nights would help. Probably more than trying to get stuff done in front of the computer and not seeming to accomplish much in any rate. I'm also trying to find where my gym tokens have gone. I put them in that legendary *safe place* when we moved (yeah, back in mid-March) and haven't rediscovered them since. I really, really want to find them so I can start getting myself down to the gym 2-3 times a week as I'm sure that will help motivate me alot. I always feel so much mroe awake - both menatlly and physically - after a good workout... and really need to start feeling more that way than I am now or have been for a while.

The so-called 'credit crunch' is also on my mind at present. I have a number of plans - some of them fairly life changing - coming up in the next few months and with the financial problems that many friends, the country and the world seem to be feeling at the moment it does make you wonder if 'now' is the right time to follow some of them. But I think and feel it needs to be done regardless. Although finance raising for the company is taking longer than I had hoped - mianly due to a couple of core investors having a few problems/delays themselves. Nothing serious as yet but it is as added worry as I had hoped to have more cash to be playing with this right now - especially as the crunch convention season is about to hit us next month and that's never cheap to do.

I've also been a bit screwed over by another company who has decided not to pay a low four figure sum they owe me. Unfortunately I have to take some of the blame on that as I allowed an existing verbal agreement that had been honoured to continue when I should have had signed documents and correspondence off them. It's just we'd never had a problem with them before so it hadn't enetered my mind at the time. You live and learn though and I'm guessing it'll just be put down to a semi-costly learning experience. Still, the extra cash right now would be nice.

If you happen to know of a rich uncle looking to invest some money please let me know :p

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