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Gamesforce Fun!

(cross-posted in leisuregames and gaming_addicts)

Sean, David and I all attended </a></b></a>gameforce this afternoon - a monthly games club I organise in Central London (just off Oxford Street  - for more info check out our Live Journal Community and feel free to pop along if you ever have the day free and are in/near London!).

The pub is really nice and also does great food (which is a reason to go to it with the added bonus of loads of gmaing! :p).

Anyway, David ran a game of Arkham Horror for a bunch of the guys and gals - and they managed to win!

Sean played several games of Sumo, playtested the very interesting 'Marpa's Tower' - a new game by Mark Hypolite which has elements of Carcassone and Backgammon in, and joined in on a bit of Arkham Horror action.

I played a game of Guillotine before joining the Marpa's Tower playtest (this is the second time I played the game - the first was the 2-player version with Mark, this afternoon we tried it with four-players and everyone enjoyed it plus Mark got some good feedback including a very good suggestion from Keith over one of the mechanics about Villager movement and attack which I think will probably be adopted. After Marpa's Tower I played Ticket to Ride (I *rule* Ticket to Ride - rarely have I been beaten, and yes that is an open challenge :p) and then, after very briefly making a cameo appearence in the closing stages of the Arkham Horror game, I joined in the No Thanks game.

It was a great afternoon and it's a shame that I'm going to be missing the August event (I'll be over in Indianapolis for US GenCon doubling up as a Cubicle 7 and Leisure Games not-so-undercover agent :p) but I know David will certainyl be there! I'll be returning in September though for that thrashing at Ticket to Ride I'm sure will be waiting for me now :p

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