Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Angus-less Live Journal Posts...

I've just realised how little 'Angus' content is on my Live Journal these days. I hardly ever talk about 'me' anymore. Indeed alot of my musings have either been about Cubicle 7 or the RPG industry as a whole with the occasional "who wants to go to the cinema this weekend" type post thrown in for good measure.

Truth is a number of things. I have actually been very busy doing work so there's not a lot of 'Angus' things tor eally talk about at the moment apart from work. Secondly, there are things happening in Angusland but there's a lot I don't neccesarily want to post to the wide world of the web.

I did however manage to break away from the computer this evening for a few and went to a pub I'd never been to before, in an area I don't know to meet up with a bunch of people I'd never met (apart from Tom whom I met about 4-6 weeks ago at The Dev and The Ballroom). This is quite a departure and accomplishment for me because I'm generally incredibly shy when meeting people I don't know outside of a work environment unless I have an introduction of somekind and the fact that I didn't suddenly decide i *should* actually stay at home and work all night (again) as a feeble excuse impressed me.

Anyway, I had a wonderful night and met some new wonderful people. Certainly will be doing that again!

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