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Angus-less Live Journal Posts...

I've just realised how little 'Angus' content is on my Live Journal these days. I hardly ever talk about 'me' anymore. Indeed alot of my musings have either been about Cubicle 7 or the RPG industry as a whole with the occasional "who wants to go to the cinema this weekend" type post thrown in for good measure.

Truth is a number of things. I have actually been very busy doing work so there's not a lot of 'Angus' things tor eally talk about at the moment apart from work. Secondly, there are things happening in Angusland but there's a lot I don't neccesarily want to post to the wide world of the web.

I did however manage to break away from the computer this evening for a few and went to a pub I'd never been to before, in an area I don't know to meet up with a bunch of people I'd never met (apart from Tom whom I met about 4-6 weeks ago at The Dev and The Ballroom). This is quite a departure and accomplishment for me because I'm generally incredibly shy when meeting people I don't know outside of a work environment unless I have an introduction of somekind and the fact that I didn't suddenly decide i *should* actually stay at home and work all night (again) as a feeble excuse impressed me.

Anyway, I had a wonderful night and met some new wonderful people. Certainly will be doing that again!


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Jul. 25th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)
That post contains one of the longest sentences ever.

Half of me likes meeting new people (exciting, shiny), part of me is terrified I'll like them and they'll think I'm naff, and part of me is concerned that they'll like me and I'll be like "Ewww.... get it off me!"

A bit like dating, really.
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