Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

By the sound of things I won't be making an appearence at B-Moie tonight afterall. Too many things are making it unlikely atm. Shame as it's still my favourite London club atm and this will make it the second month running I've missed the fun and frolics.

Have fun to everyone who makes it though and please raise a glass to me as my spirit will be with you at least!

I'm probably staying in and eitehr playing boardgames (Runebound seems favourite atm) OR watching Twenty Four Hour Party People which Sean just lent me OR watching some more episodes of Buffy on my trek of rememberance from Season 1 thru 7. Reaching the end of Season 1 at present.

The next few weeks will see change in the life of Angus. It will be tearful but understandable. I also hope it makes a lot of things better for all involved. More news to follow once we all get confirmation but in short Dave (who I've lived with for about 3 and a half years) is probably moving out of London to far away places in search of work. It'll be sad to see him go as he's been my longest running flatmate (other than Delphine who was dating me) and one of the best. I have felt that we've drifted apart since we moved into the new place though but then so many things have been on our minds and money-issues haven't made things much better. Hopefully his departure (if it occurs) will see a strengthening of our relationship again. In any case I'll certainly miss him.

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