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There are great licenses, there are good licenses, there are bad licenses and then there are licenses that YOU REALLY WANT!

When a license YOU REALLY WANT suddenly and unexpectedly comes into the equasion I've discovered you get quite distracted with the possibility and want to go back and watch the films/read the book/watch the TV series/read the comic (delete as applicable).

It also brings a big smile to your face.

Of course it actually means nothing because just coming into the equasion means diddly squat. It all means diddly squat until the ink has dried on the dotted lines - and that's a long way off even if both parties talk and it falls into the 'affordable' category. Plus we have lots to be keeping ourselves busy with anyway.

Talking of which, I have to really find out if our BIG announcement is taking place next week or not... :p


Aug. 7th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
ABC Wrriors and Nemesis the Warlock are currently under contract with Mongoose - whether they do anything or not with them is another matter though. maybe worth having a word with Matt about sometime.

Don't know about Marshal Law - it was a creator owned Indie series wasn't it? Don't we know one of the guys behind it?

Chainsaw Warriors and Chaos Marauders are now under license with Fantasy Flight Games (as is all the old GW back catalogue of games apart from Blood Bowl and Space Hulk). I would loved to have produced a new version of Chaos Marauders with your art on it - we even spoke to 'The Powers That Be' about it at one point but the whole bunch landed on FFG's lap. They'll do a good job but it would have been nice to have had the Allsop touch to it.

Gamarauders is an old TSR poperty so is now under the WotC corporate banner. It's not worth there while discussing licensing deals for probably less than $10k (thank you lawyers) and the Gamarauders license certainly wouldn;t be worth that sort of fee.

Tony was behind Spiderwick Chronicles wasn't he? Do you still have contact details for him? It'd be bounced to his agent (or maybe even the film studio which was Paramount Pictures) but having the authors backing is always a help. From what I saw of the film it could have potential, certainly as a young adults RPG - plus Tony's artwork is fantastic!

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