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There are great licenses, there are good licenses, there are bad licenses and then there are licenses that YOU REALLY WANT!

When a license YOU REALLY WANT suddenly and unexpectedly comes into the equasion I've discovered you get quite distracted with the possibility and want to go back and watch the films/read the book/watch the TV series/read the comic (delete as applicable).

It also brings a big smile to your face.

Of course it actually means nothing because just coming into the equasion means diddly squat. It all means diddly squat until the ink has dried on the dotted lines - and that's a long way off even if both parties talk and it falls into the 'affordable' category. Plus we have lots to be keeping ourselves busy with anyway.

Talking of which, I have to really find out if our BIG announcement is taking place next week or not... :p


Aug. 8th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
I've thought about Torg and spoken to Eric about Torg, and thought about Torg some more.

I *love* Torg, but I'm not convinced it's a game that would sell particularly well today. It would need a lot of reworking - especially in making the various Cosms less generic of their genres - and also fell foul of having a pretty much all prevailing dominat story arc which hindered new players/gms getting involved in the game if they were late to the show.

It would almost be more worthwhile creating your own new game using the concepts you liked from Torg.

I do think Torg has potential, but it'd be a hard sell to many distributors and stores and also many players. That said I do love Torg. I also think that someone with more money than sense will probably get hold of it - and then God only knows if anything would see the light of day. I'll try and keep an eye on it and see what happens though. If by some fluke of chance I do end up owning it (and that's not to say that I will actually be bidding on it) I will let you know.

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