Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Cubicle 7 at GenCon (Booth 1236)

Come 5am this years GenCon Adventure begins for me as I load up the taxi en route to Heathrow Airport and the first leg of my flight to Indianapolis (via Chicago) and GenCon 2008.

I'm travelling with Andrew Peregrine (corone) but am also meeting up with Chris Birch (chrisbirch) for breakfast at the airport as his flight (via Toronto) is from the same Terminal about 30 minutes after ours. Once Andy and I reach Indianapolis and check into our hotel we get a chance to relax a little before being joined by Marc Farrimond (our lead Demo Co-ordinator) and finally Chris when he arrives (more than 30 minutes after us as he has a six hour stop over in Toronto poor man).

Once we're alightly refreshed on Wednesday we're setting up our Booth (Number 1236 for those keeping track) and joining up with Gareth-Michael Skarka (gmskarka) and his lovely wife Laura who are part of the C7 crew for the Convention. Our team will then be complete when we meet up with Neko and Florrent (from 7th Circle) outside the UA Circle Cinema just before 7pm to see The Dark Knight.

If any of you are in Indianapolis on Wednesday please feel free to come and join our cinema trip!

After The Dark Knight we're then off to the Diane Jones Award ceremony for some drinking and chatting with the Industry Crowd(tm) before a final nights rest in preparation for the chaos that kicks off on Thursday and lasts right through until Sunday late afternoon.

Apart from our Booth Cubicle 7 has lots of Demo games with Starblazer Adventures, Victoriana 2nd Edition and a fairly full rota of Doctor Who previews taking place over the four days. I'll be part time on the stand myself as I have a fair number of meetings lined up and am also at the show with my Leisure Games hat on as well as my Cubicle 7 one (thus partly the reason for more staff this year as I'm out and about more).

I'm really looking forward to catching up with so many people both at the show and afterwards in various dens of ill repute. No doubt Jeff, Melissa (banished_babe) and the Exile Game Studios guys and gals will also end up being our joint partners in crime as they were last year :)

This year also has the added bonus of having pond823 in attendence with Pelgrane Press and Axe Initiative so hopefully we'll be able to bring some of our North London debauchery to the afterparties too! :p

Not that the show is about drinking and afterparties. Of course not. No, never... honest...

I may have access to the net whilst I'm over there and if I do I will try and post some updates if possible.

Take care and hope to maybe see some of you there. Please drop by and say hello! Remember... Cubicle 7 Booth 1236!

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