Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GenCon Day One

Thought I'd post a quick update whilst Gareth and Laura are dangling their feet in the whirlpool we have in the bathroom - at 1am in the morning! How decadent!

Day One of GenCon has come to a close, and it seems to have tired out almost everyone I've spoken to more than usual. Personally I blame it on the humidity that is Indianapolis. It's very, very muggy and close here.

Cubicle 7 has had a very good day today. I believe we've done about 50% of last years takings today alone. Admittedly this is largely down to Starblazer Adventures which is selling very well and has had lots of very positive feedback along side lots of expletives about it's page count and weight :p

I think Chris has enjoyed the limelight signing away peoples books and telling everyone about the game. Marc has been running games of Doctor Who RPG all day and has a 9am start tomorrow whilst the rest of us don't need to be at the booth until 10am. Andy and Laura have been amazing help on the stand as has Gareth (and I'm still jealous over his capture of the license for China Mieville's New Crozuban - the front cover artwork of whixh looks amazing). The one downside is that our copies of Victoriana 2nd Edition have yet to actually arrive but hopefully they'll be here tomorrow...

I spent most of the day on the convention floor doing Leisure Games work. There are some interesting games out there that I've seen so far - the new Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press looks like it should be very good and I'm really glad to see a new edition of Forumla D coming out from Asmodee in late October.

This evening I was at the One Book Shelf dinner followed by the Fantasy Flight Party, which I sort of got rerouted to courtesy of Steve Wieck and new OBS employee Steve (can't remember his last name). I was supposed to be heading back to the hotel to get everyone and go to the Irish pub to meet up with Andy and some of his friends but, alas, the conversation and offer of beer led me astray. The others ended up in the RAM bar and sound like they had fun though.

So, here closes Day One of the actual convention. Feet are tired and throat feels parched, but it's been a very fun day and I've chatted to lots of people and seen lots of things. I fear that my buying embargo is going to break tomorrow though as I can't resist the lure of the Pathfinder Beta Copy any longer nor some of the great games on the IPR booth (Year One for Reign and A Dirty World both by Greg Stolze) and I haven't even found the Arc Dream booth yet!

PS - Wednesday night saw us attend the Diana Jones Awards which gave us great company and saw Grey Ranks and Wolfgang Baeur announced as joint winners this year.

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