Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

...back home

Back in the UK and the comforts of my own home after a wonderful week in Indianapolis and working and mixing with some of the nicest people ever. Caught up with lots of old friends, met lots of new friends, had a great time with the Cubicle 7 crew (Andy, Chris, Marc, Gareth and Laura) and generally pretty much talked myself to a point I could talk no more. We sold lots of books, launched Starblazer Adventures to a lot of positive acclaim and exclamations about its size, got plenty of buzz going for Doctor Who, had lots of meetings - the vast majority of which were very positive - and generally had a fine old time.

Could have done with more time to catch up with people as the days and evenings were very full. We didn't really manage to hang out with Jeff and Melissa (Exile Game Studios) until the Sunday night and even then it was only briefly. I'm not counting the White Wolf party on Saturday night as too much drink and dancing was really had to consider it a proper 'hanging out' - especially as the venue was rammed and incredibly hot, sweaty and humid. Good party though and the first GenCon White Wolf Party I've managed to make since 1994! Although I did make two or three of there German parties at Essen Spiele.

Anyway, it's now time to possibly catch a little sleep, catch up on lots of email, look at all my notes/business cards from the convention and follow up certain plans and get my head down in firming up the 2009 goals and schedule. Lots of Leisure Games, Cubicle 7 and Dragonmeet work was done over the last week with little sleep. So I know what I'm about to do right now...:p

If anything important that you think I should know took place over the last week on LJ please let me know with a link as I'm not going to be able to read through over 7 days worth of posts!

Catch you all laters!

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