Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

The Place of Little Lost Things / Lifestyle Changes

The good news is that I finally found my watch this morning after it's been MIA since my return from the States last Tuesday.

The bad news is that I still can't find my sunglasses. This is doubly bad as the same case included the clip-on shades for my regular glasses too, not even thinking about the fact they cost me over £300 due to the joys of my eyesight!

I'm not sure where they are. I thought I'd packed them for the US trip but couldn't find them anywhere whilst I was there and presumed/hoped I'd left them at home by accident. But alas I still can't find them! I'll have to do a major saerch this weekend as I really don;t want to have o fork out for anotehr pair - especially as I somehow seem to have chipped the corner of my regular glasses lens whilst I was away - nothing major and I don't notice it whilst I'm wearing them, but there is a definite chip on the left hand side of my left lens now :(

I also still can not locate my Gym Pass. This has £59/10 sessions of credit still on it. As I've decided to really kick in the 'get fit/loose weight' routine over the next few months this is an added irritant. If I haven;t found it by next Friday I'm just going to go and buy a new one as I have Friday off (due to heading to Oxford for Dave and Marysa's wedding on Saturday morning, so I'm leaving on Friday late afternoon) and quite fancied taking the opportunity to go swimming and for a full workout before I go.

I've also decided to cut down (note - cut down; not give up) on the amount of 'eating out' I do. Home cooking and making sandwiches for work is back on the agenda. Not least due to the health considerations but also the silly amount of money that seems to be spent on take aways.

Anyway, I'm working today and looking forward to a whole two days off IN A ROW! Although saying that I have a ton of Cubicle 7 work to catch up on during those days including processing all the orders we've received in the last ten days plus going through the list of people who brought Victoriana and Starblazer from us at GenCon and sending them complimentary PDFs.

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