Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

My forthcoming schedule...

29th August FRI - Oxford
30th August SAT - Oxford (Wedding AM); Reading (GenCon PM)
31st August SUN - Reading (GenCon AM/PM)
6th September SAT - London (Cubicle 7 Staff Meeting)
13th September SAT - Reading (Colours 2008)
14th September SUN - Reading (Colours 2008)
17th September WED to 24th September - Belgrade, Serbia
27th September SAT - Milton Keynes (Concrete Cow)
28th September SUN - Diary of Dreams, London
4th October SAT - Tring, Hertfordshire (Gamefest 3)
12th October SUN - Rotersand, London
19th October SUN - Gameforce, London
22nd October WED to 25th October SAT - Essen, Germany (SPIELE 08)
1st November SAT to 2nd November SUN - Manchester (GAME 08)
7th November FRI to 10th November MON - Christchurch, Dorset (IndieCon)
16th November SUN - Gameforce, London
29th November SAT - Dragonmeet 2008, London

2009 Schedule is already starting to fill up too and has a lot more conventions in it than this year. I think I'm going to have to rope some of the rest of Cubicle 7 into running stands at some of them as otherwise I'm never going to be home or getting anything done.

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