Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Dave & Marysa's Wedding

I went to Oxford on Friday evening with Dave and Marysa for their wedding. It was a very intimate affair with just the loved up couple and then Ben (an old schoolfriend of Dave's) and myself acting as their witnesses.

We arrived in Oxford after having some great conversations on the train from things ranging from chain smoking comedian porcupines to the future rise of the Steampunk subcultrue as the Next Big Thing(tm) and headed to the apartment that they had hired for the night. The apartment was very nice and in a very good central location. I have to try and figure out more things to do in Oxford so I can go back and stay there again!

The evening was pretty chilled. We got some Lebanese food in, drank a £180 bottle of wine (that was the equivalent of £45 per person/glass!!!!) that Marysa's wine collecting brother had given her, and chatted loads. Dave (a non-gamer) also geeked out over the copy of Starblazer Adventrues I had on me (to take to GenCon UK the next day) as he was a fan of the comics and actually was given a couple as a Christmas present again a year or two back.

The actual wedding ceremony was at 9am the next morning so it was an early start for us all. The loving couple looked fantastic, Ben got some great photos and I managed not to loose the rings :p

Post ceremony and photo taking we headed back to the apartment to change and down a £150 bottle of Champagne that Marysa's parents had sent her before heading out to find breakfast and have a wander around Oxford - which is a beautiful city.

The day led us to heading down towards the river to have a picnic and drinks but we randomly bumped into spangle_kitten  and her friend Anna sitting down having a mini-picnic. So we joined forces and had a very chilled afternoon snacking, chatting and drinking. It also transpired through conversation that spangle_kitten  and Marysa had actually met a while back at one of morbidfrog 's gatherings - as I didn't realise that Marysa knew morbidfrog  that surprised me along with then finding out that she had a family connection to enlyyl  and that Marysa met enlyyl  when she was 8 years old!!! Cue Marysa's surprise to then discover that enlyyl  now lives in London and on the same road as she does :p

It's a very small world.

Anyway, it was a great day for Dave and Marysa and I was honored to have been a part of it. I had a great time and overall, with GenCon UK also thrown in the mix, had a really great weekend. I can't believe I have to go back to work again tomorrow though. With everything that happened over the weekend I could do with a few days off!!!


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