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Republican Ketchup, Angry Kangaroos, Cigarette Smuggling and more....

tappa, tappa, tap...

Welcome to the news at 8.30am from the syndicated 'Angus' News Service' bringing you stories from around the world. In this weeks news......

"You don't support Democrats, why should your ketchup?" says the website of new 'Republican' ketchup 'W' in the States. Set up to combat the popular Heinz brand which is linked to presidential-hopeful John Kerry due to his marriage with Teresa Heinz Kerry right-wing Americans now have a new sauce to dip their 'Freedom Fries' in whilst also helping raise money for Bush's re-election campaign. It's true, honest! Republicans Launch 'W' Ketchup (BBC News; Saturday 10th July 2004)

The maker of Marlboro cigarettes, Philip Morris, has agreed an out of court settlement of $1.25billion with the European Union over colluding with smugglers to supply cheap cigarettes within the EU and avoiding taxes. The money is due to be paid over the course of 12 years and will be used to fight contraband tobacco products in the EU. Cigarette Giant Settles $1bn Row (BBC News; Friday 9th July 2004)

No surprise that the US has critised the World Courts ruling that the West Bank Wall is illegal and that Israel has also condemned the ruling and said that "I believe that after all the rancour dies, this resolution will find its place in the garbage can of history," (Raanan Gissin, a senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon). Will the UN ruling change anything? Unlikely, especially with the US carrying on funding the Israeli government to the extent it does.US Critical of UN Barrier Ruling (BBC News; Saturday 10th Jul;y 2004)

Looking further afield from the conflicts they are already involved in, the US is looking to get tough with Sudan. UN Security Council meetings have been taking place with reasonably little coverage but the Sudan government has issued the US a warning not to get involved into another long, drawn out conflict. Sudan Warns US Against 'New Iraq' (BBC News; Friday 9th July 2004)

Other news:

Vietnam Gets First Condom Machine (BBC News; Friday 9th July 2004)

Australia On Angry Kangaroo Alert (BBC News; Wednesday 7th July 2004)

China Sets Out Moon Goals (BBC News; Wednesday 7th July 2004)


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