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Football Grumbles...

No, not about the dismal display England put in against tiny Andorra last night (thank god we managed to win 2-0! - thanks Joe Cole!) but about the completely dismal start of the season my local team is having. I was jokingly saying only a month back that atleast Barnet had no hope of being relegated this season because three teams in their league (League 2 - which is the fourth division in the English football system - so a long way from the glory and multi-millions of the Premier League) were starting with negative points due to financial problems.

Rotherham and Bournemouth were starting on -15 points each and Luton a massive -30!

Well it turns out that was a very good thing for Barnet as the club has yet to even get a draw, let alone win a match, and is sitting on a goal difference of -11 :(

We're still fourth from bottom but the way Rotherham is playing I suspect we'll be overtaken by them (a team that started 15 points behind us!) within the next few weeks. If Barnet manage to get relegated this season they, quite frankly, deserve it and have no excuses. I have no idea what's happening with the Manager and Team but something obviously needs to change quickly before they really start getting into trouble.

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