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China Mieville's - Tales of New Crobuzon RPG

As any long term readers of my blog will know I'm an avid fan of China Mieville and especially his books set in Bas-Lag (the absolutely stunning 'Perdido Street Station', 'Iron Council' and 'The Scar').

I remember a number of years ago, when I first read Perdido Street Statiion, discussing trying to get the license from China to create a role-playing game set in the city of New Crobuzon and his world. Indeed corone  and myself spent the best part of an evening at B-Movie discussing it and I also had frequent conversations with _grimtales_  about it too. Anyway, to cut a long story short we didn't follow it up at the time and then earlier this year my good friend gmskarka  announced that his company, Adamant Entertainment, had secured the license to produce the Tales of New Crobuzon Role Playing Game.

Now anyone who has seen the front cover for the game (which is due for release in the autumn of 2009 - so still a way to go yet) will be dying to see the finished product. Unfortunately I can't find an image of the cover at present or I'd repost it for you guys to see. China Mieville is one of a handful of authous I'd absolutely love to see have RPGs based around his works (another being Jim Butcher and the Dresden Files series - which drivingblind has the rights to do with Evil Hat Productions and a third being someone I won't mention just yet).

Anyway, to stop me rambling and drooling any further I'm very pleased to announce that Adamant Entertainment made the following announcement this evening...

"...and looking a year ahead, Fall 2009 will see the release of Tales of New Crobuzon our role-playing game based on the works of China Mieville. We'll be partnering with Cubicle 7 Entertainment on this one, with Adamant handling development and design, and Cubicle 7 handing distribution to the hobby and book trade. " (State of Play; adamantenter  LiveJournal; Wednesday 10th September 2008)

Yes, I am beaming :)


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