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Alexander Palace (Memories)

I woke up with the start of a headache again this morning so decided to take some action.

Instead of my usual routine of switching on the computer and blitzing work I went out into the warm and sunny London September for a walk. A short bus ride took me to Muswell Hill and I wandered round their and Alexander Palace for a few hours before grabbing some lunch and heading home.

It did me some good as I'm now feeling refreshed and ready for an afternoon and evening of sorting out emails and catching up on things for Dragonmeet and Cubicle 7 and some other projects I have on the slowburn. I *almost* started doing some new fiction last night but it was already after midnight and I was shattered. I think it's only a matter of time before I turn my hand back to writing though as I'm missing it more than ever and as my time schedule starts becoming how I want it to become it will acctually give me some time to do some personal writing projects and also get down to the gym (shocking) as I'm also really missing having a good work out and swim. Plus I can't find my weights which is annoying as I'd kind of like getting back into the habit of using them every day again.

Anyway, I've always loved Alexander Palace and have had some really good times there. From Sunday summer BBQ's, to birthday celebrations at the Phoenix Bar (which is part of the actual palace) to drunken days off with Michael and Gill (that's going back to @ 1995/6?) to some great gigs and general gatherings. Plus the view is one of the most fanastic in London. From the beer garden and courts of the Palace you can see all of London spread out before you. I remember one time many years ago when I was there with some Tremere Camarilla players I turned to them and beckoned to the city that lay before us. "All of this is ours" I said, "never forget how important this city is to everything and everyone. We've fought hard for centuries to rule her and from the shadows we now have that strangle hold. But never show the true extent of our power and influence or others will try and take it from you. The shadows is where we are most powerful.None iof them - kindred or kine - is your friend or ally. Never forget that.".

Makes me miss playing Alexander Merrick sometimes.

Anyway, Alexander Palace is a fantastic venue. One day I'd love to put on an event there. Maybe a summer Dragonmeet? I even thought at one point of having the December Dragonmeet the 'Order of the Dragon' and the summer one the 'Order of the Pheonix' because of The Phoenix Bar. But with certain young wizards affiliations I doubt that's really possible without lawsuits these days. Still who knows, if there is ever a Harry Potter game released... :p

Right, onto some work. Relaxtion and reminiscing time is over.

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