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Belgrade Day 6

Well, it was a games shop we discovered. It was a very nice, small, store with a few shelves of games (RPGs, Board & Card Games, a few Wargames and Miniatures (Hordes, Warmachine and Flames of War) plus an assortment of English language novels, dvds and some action figures.

They also have a number of tables free for people to run games on and to run tournaments on in-store. We chatted to the lad who runs the store (Innes) and she knew Leisure Games as they check our website for New Releases and check availability of games and their prices - which was a bit surprising but very nice to hear. They also knew Cubicle 7 and had even got a pre-order for Starblazer Adventures from one of their customers when it's released and they also wanted to buy Victoriana 2nd Edition - so our games are and will be being played in Serbia! :)

The owner of the store is actually a British ex-pat called Richard. He arrived at the store when we were there and I have a meetig with him this evening to talk about getting hold of some of the more obscure titles that they'd like to stock and how we can help them in other ways.

Later in the evening we went to a bar called Academy which is a small bar connected to a club/music venue (which was shut). Jasmina knew the waitress (Katrina) and also the owner of the bar who promptly supplied us with free drinks all evening and wouldn't let us leave. I think we finally managed to escape about 2am after more beers than I want to really think about (especially as I'm not a beer drinker - I like my cider!). The owner is also a big music promoter and DJ in Belgrade and - as there were not many people in the bar apart from the group of people Jasmina knew - he threw on the sound system and played a ton of music and requests for us whilst chatting about music, travelling, and the world in general. The evening consisted of lots of talk about synthpop, darkwave, industrial, ebm and all things electronic.  also came away with a number of bands to check out upon my return which I'd not heard of before and also the desire to dig out some of the CDs I do have but haven't listened to for ages. He also played a number of his own remixes of songs which were very good and could easily be incorporated into any of the EBM sets played round the London scene to great effect.

This morning so far has been very subdued. Just chatting, going through loads of old photos and video footage with Jasmina and her father and slowly gearing up to go out this afternoon to visit some museums, go to my meeting at 6 and then we're all meeting up at The Academy again this evening for more drinks, music and very fine company before heading home for my last night in Serbia. Then tomorrow it's off to the airport and the first leg of my trip home as  fly to Yurich and then on to London.

I've had a really great time here and it'll be a shame in many ways to head back home. I may very well end up at the pub on Thursday night to drown my sorrows with the London Sluts (if I can get caught up on some emails and work) and then it's getting ready for Concrete Cow this Saturday in Milton Keynes and the Diary of Dreams gig on Sunday night. Atleast I'm going to be kept busy enough that it'll kee my mind off things!!!

See you all soon!

Angus out.
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