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Belgrade Day 7 and the journey home...

Well, I'm back in London in good old Britain. That's the first thing. Although it was almost the last thing too as I feel shattered and am going to bed after I finished this post.

Tuesday was Day 7 of my trip. Both Jasmina and myself woke up fairly late due to the night before so we hung around the flat until about 3pm when when we finally managed to head into Old Belgrade on the pretense of going to some museums. We soon abandoned this and went to a bar where one of her closest friends (Joanna) works and we hung out there for a bit with another of Jessy'd friends called Bella and were very loud. I also met the owner of the bar, an American guy from Chicago called Nick who moved to Belgrade a couple of years ago.

I met three or four Americans during my trip and all of them loved the country and its people. The same goes for the other Brit I met over there. Serbia, or atleast Belgrade, has a lot of very warm and friendly people. Although it has to be said that some elements of the political establishment are not particulary desireable but every country has it's problems and Serbia has lost alot of men over the last couple of decades to war and civil war. Women in Serbia out number men 3 to 1, and it shows. Pretty much everywhere we went there were noticably more women than men - bars, streets, buses, etc.

We did see an ultra-nationalist rally in the city square protesting about the deportation of Radovan Karadzic to the Hague for War Crimes. There were only maybe 50-70 people there and I think many of those had just stopped to see what was going on as lots of people were walking by and not taking any notice at all.

I had my meeting with Richard who runs the English Book Fantasy Games Shop and we managed to sort out a number of things that can help his store and get some more titles over there.

Then we went to The Bridge Pub which is a rock pub which reminded me of an old british pub and was very nice. We were joined by four of Jessy friends (Joanna, Vesna, Milan and Nikola) and had a great night chatting about pretty much any subject under the sun. As it got later we decided we're forego attending The Academy again (as we pretty much knew if we did it'd be a really late night again and we'd drink way too much and not be able to do anything at home) so headed back to the flat where we ended up watching Fellowship of the Ring on TV and then I ran Jessy through some Chakra and healing exercises.

After finally getting to bed about 4am we had to wake up pretty early so I could get everything ready to leave. Nihad, Jasmina's father, drove us to the airport and brought coffee before I had to go. It was a real shame to leave as Jasmina is one of my closest friends and seeing her again really felt like no time had passed since she returned home in late June. This gives me hope on one hand as hoepfully this means that the next few months will also fly by until we get a chance to catch up again. There has been talk about going over for New Year, or ski-ing with her family in February or for a couple of weeks next summer - or a combination of the above. We'll also be trying to get Jasmina back over to London next summer for a few weeks whilst she has a break from university to catch up with all her friends over here and hangout. But MSN is universal so anyone with it doesn't feel too far away when you can chat to them most nights :)

The flights home were good. Especially the Zurich-London one as I really surprised myself. I am 99% of the time an incredibly shy person who can't talk to anyone I don't know or haven't been introduced to. But I had an Australian girl called Fiona sitting next to me on the plane back who I pretty much had in hysterics for the entire flight. I'm not quite sure what happened but I was being very amusing, joking and humourous and she seemed to really enjoy the flight back. She gave me her email address to stay in touch (sadly she's heading back to Australia tomorrow but is back next summer) and become 'Facebook buddies' . It also stroked my ego as she thought I was a couple of years older than her (she was 26) which was a very nice compliment from where I'm sitting :p

I think I have to try and cultivate this 'humourous' Angus. Actually, I think I probably actually just need to also try and get out socially more which requires me sorting out a strict schedule for myself which covers Leisure Games, Cubicle 7, Dragonmeet, excercising, writing/other projects and a social life. I reckon it should be possible.

Anyway... I'M HOME!!!!

It's back to work for me tomorrow and Friday and kinda Saturdayw ith the convention. I'm going to look what's on at the cinema on Sunday morning and possibly go for a movie. If I do I'll post details here and try and text the usual victims to see if anyone is interested in joining me.

I loved my time in Belgrade. I will definetly be back there within the year. But it's now back to London Life for me.
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