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Interesting Week Ahead...

I have anotehr very full but very interesting week ahead.

I'm trying a new scheduling system at home to assist me with balancing all the Cubicle 7/Dragonmeet work whilst also allowing me the possibility of some free time to socialise in or just relax. In theory it should up my productivity and 'on the ball' aspects as well as helping me start clearing the backlog I have accumilated through a combination of conventions, holidays and just the density of work thats been coming my way recently.

I'm also taking over a friends gym membership as she's no longer living in London, let alone Finchley. This is a really good deal as she has 5 months left to pay and then gets the following 12 months free - all of which gets transferred over to me when I take up her payments. Regular trips to the gym - especially for swimming - are now being factored into my weekly schedule and I'm hoping I stick to it as I could do with getting fitter and loosing a few pounds plus whenever i have a really good workout I generally feel so much more menatlly awake as well as physically. This is a good thing.

I have a few important/exciting meetings planned for this week. All involving various aspects of Cubicle 7 - be they licenses, investment or conventions.

Tuesday sees the games group get back together after our summer break. We're kicking off with a boardgame whilst we discuss what RPG to play for the next duration.

Wednesday is the Licensing Expo in London.

Saturday is Gamefest 3 in Tring (Hertfordshire) where we'll be running another joint Leisure games/Cubicle 7 stand whilst running some demo games for the attendees.

So all in all a busy one. But hopefully a very productive one on all levels. Of course come this time next week I may have a different opinion of the week thats just passed... :p

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