Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Exhausting but interesting


Most of my UK chums will be starting to enjoy their Friday night right about now - I'm, er, still in the shop having just packed the last of the boxes for Gamefest 3 tomorrow in Tring (Hertfordshire).

I, however, will be attending the convention late due to a rather important meeting tomorrow morning in London. Andy & Chris will be driving up there, setting up and manning the store until I'm added to the mix in the early hours of the afternoon.

This week has, as expected, been very busy and very interesting. The licensing show on Wednesday was very good and I had meeting with our existing partners (BBC and DC Thompson), my first face-to-face meeting with another agency whom Chris and myself have been talking with online for awhile but had never previously met - that was very good and also produced suggestions for a number of other things we could/should look at that they represent. Plus it allowed me to pick up a few other business cards and have a meeting or two with other potential partners. I also ran into Peter Adkison who is over promoting the Bella Sara IP with ITV, Marcus from Upper Deck with their new Huntik property which looked quite cool and Dan Steel and Charles Ryan from Esdevium Games. So all in all a very busy day. So busy in fact that when I got home I was asleep by 6pm and almost overslept the following morning!

Plus our new approvals guy at the BBC (our link with Russel T Davies and the Cardiff office) is an ex-roleplayer himself so knew exactly what we were talking about. He also asked if he could have the copy of Victoriana I had with me which I'd been touting around to people to show them what RPGs were... so fingers crossed that will help smooth over some of the approvals process!

I had a business lunch this afternoon, one tomorrow and another next Wednesday with three different people/groups about a couple of things. Todays, tomorrows and part of Wednesdays have a very firm common denominator whilst Wednesdays also has a few other aspects to it. I've also now been approached by three different groups wanting me on board a certain project they are all bidding for - which is nice but as I've told them all if I'm involved I'll want to pretty much be in charge and have a healthy compensation and bonus package attached to it as it's not like I haven't got anything on my plate as it is. Still, it is something that I'd like the opportunity to do and attempt to make great so we'll see where that road takes us. I'm happy to advise initially in anycase.

Anyway, I'd better wrap things up here and then get home and do some more work from there before getting some sleep in prepartion for tomorrows fun and games...

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