Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Sohodolls and Project:KOMAKINO

A couple of people have raved to me about the Sohodolls in the last few months and this evening I finally got a chance to listen to some of their stuff and check out a video or two.

I *really* like them.. and not just because the lead singer really reminds me of an a rather fond ex (I had to really check their bio to make sure it wasn't her). Sohodolls Mypsace

Anyway, here is...
Sohodolls - Right and Right Again

Whilst I'm filling everyone's pages with more video clips I also thought I'd post a Project:KOMAKINO video I found. This is another band that  came up in the thread about 'new' non-scene goth bands recently on nemesis_to_go 's LJ. Project:KOMAKINO Myspace

Project:KOMAKINO - Exodus

Incidently, the Sohodolls are playing SIN in London on the 6th December at the IAMX Afterparty club night (IAMX are playing The Astoria across the road beforehand)... anyone up for a double bill? hirudo  I think I spotted on your LJ a while ago you were already planning that? You def going ahead? Care if I join you? :p
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