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as posted on leisuregames  :

Sean (actualsean ) and myself are heading over to Spiele in Essen (Germany) tomorrow morning until Saturday to walk the cavernous halls of the convention centre failing to catch all 700+ new releases that come out at the show but thinking we've seen all the important bits until we bump into someone we know who then starts raving about "the game of the show" whcih will happen to be a title we haven't yet seen...

Seriously though, The Essen Games Fair is here again and Sean has managed to pull the short straw and is attending for his first Essen experience - which I'm sure will blow him away as it did me when i first attended. The show is like no other. The venue is HUGE (and spread across multiple halls all of which would house most other large conventions in themselves) and there will be about 150,000 people treading the halls over the four days it's on. It is the largest gaming event in the world and something that I would suggest everyone (especially board and card gamers) tries to attend at least once in their lives.

We'll see if we can come back with pictures and tales of adventure and glory to blog about next week.

Until then, play safe and Mike and David will be at the shop (ably assisted by Cole) to carry on serving your every gaming need.


As a personal LJ addendum here - Mr Stupid (that would me) forgot to pick up his washing from the laundrette after work this evening so he's got to get up early, travel to work with a mostly-empty suitcase, get to the laundrette as soon as it opens, head to the shop, pack my suitcase full of nice clean clothes for the trip plus some sample copies of Starblazer Adventures and Victoriana for a couple of people/companies (which I also forgot to bring home with me) and then get down to Heathrow airport to meet Sean and check-in.
The joys of an international traveller never cease to thrill me ;p

I am taking my laptop with me (I have too much work to do to leave it behind sadly) but doubt I'll be updating LJ or checking mail whilst I'm away unless I cave and pay the 10 Euros or whatever my hotel is charging for connection (unless we're booked under their business or business plus rates in which case we get free internet connection - so here's hoping!). So this may be my last 'hello' until the weekend.

Take care and play nice whilst I'm gone!


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