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The Joys of Working Late

Well, it's coming up to 7.30 and (surprise, surprise) I'm still in the office with another hour or two ahead of me.

Accompanied by only my 'Eurphoric Trance' collection and a handful of other CDs (Joy Division, VNV Nation, Numan, Iggy Pop, etc) I'm ploughing through the workload and gearing up for a couple of cross-Atlantic phonecalls to the West Coast of the States. Time difference can be a bugger sometimes (one of the calls I have to make is at midnight UK time so I can catch the person I need to talk to in Phoenix!!)

I also have a shed load of work to do at home for both Cubicle 7 and Dragonmeet. No rest for the wicked, I'm just glad that my evenings engagements were cancelled by the two lovely ladies I was going to be seeing due to ill-health and Sarah and I are having a night off partially due to doctors orders (well, not exactly...).

I'm hot, tired, and haven't even cashed up yet. On the positive side of affairs though my new lens have arrived at the opticians so when I can afford a hour being blind whilst they transfer the lens to my current frames and the last £100 installment to pay for them I'll be able to see vaguely decently again and not keep getting headaches!!!

Earlier we were entertained by the marvelous Scott Walker (I'd forgotten how good he was) and the lovely petite Kylie Minogue.

I finally managed to watch all of Chronicles of Riddick last night and will try and post a mini-non-spoiler review of my thoughts somepoint soon. I will certainly be going to watch it on the 'Big Screen' though as some of the special effects should be brilliant at that scale.

Anyway, I need a cigarette.

See ya laterz!

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