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Dead Set

Just watched the first episode of Dead Set with Ray, Natasha and Richard.

First impressions from all of us are very good (although Natasha wasn't keen on the amount of gore or me grabbing her from behind during a tense bit to see how high she'd jump :p). Loved seeing Davina as a zombie and am looking forward to seeing this evenings episode now the Housemates know something is seriously wrong outside.

Also found (and joined) the dead_set_tv  LJ community and the Facebook one too. Continuing the zombie theme I've also joined the zombie_survival  community on LJ. I already know my zombie apocalypse survival plan and have had one for years, but it's always useful seeing what other people reckon. You can never be over prepared afterall.

The rain also seems to have turned to sleet outside. I doubt we'll see actual snow here in North London this evening although a few of my friends seem to be reporting attempts.

Hope it doesn't disrupt my travel plans for tomorrow or this weekends trip to Manchester for GAME 08.
Tags: zombie holocaust

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