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Wednesday - Sister #3's 21st birthday bash. She's hired a pub in Barnet and is having a couple of bands playing and a late license (I think its a late license anyway?). Should be interesting to meet a load of her friends, some of whom are people I used to drink with in Barnet over twelve years ago!!! All my other sisters are going and so is my Mum (who I've never seen in a pub beyond once for sunday lunch when she was helping me move!)

Thursday - Hopefully role-playing with the gang. Andy O can't make it because of a leaving-do at work but Sinbad is joining the fun. It'll be Sarahs first proper game too as the last one we had was just character creation. Freeport here we come!!!

Friday - Synthetic Culture at The Egg Club in Kings Cross (London). I've been menaing to check this club out as its the old DJs from the Electric Ballroom (Rex and co.). They have a BBQ, an outdoor pool in the courtyard (as I understand....:) and much fun and frolics. I'm not working the next day so reckon I deserve a treat as I've not been able to go clubbing for AGES. An additional plus is that some old friends might come out too, a downside is that Sarah won't be coming out as she is working all day on Saturday. In any case, should be fun and I am looking forward to it.

Saturday - It never rains it pours. I've been invited to 3 (yes THREE!) parties on Saturday night! Why can't people space things out a bit instead of cramming everything onto the same night after weeks of tumbleweed? I'm planning on hitting two of them - Jess's goodbye party to start with as she's moving to the States and I've known her for probably the best part of 10-12 years. I even flat shared with her years ago and a load of old friends should be going so it'll be a good excuse for loads of reminiscing and catching up with all and sundry. Afterwards I'll be heading back to Finchley to attend a party at Lara and Chris' which should be going on for most of the night. There parties are generally very 'fun' :-p Sadly it means I won't be able to go to Donya and Karens party in Harrow but they're not leaving the country so hopefully I'll catch them soonish and be invited to another gathering at somepoint.

Sunday - After finally surfacing after Saturday nights activities I'm having to head into work. Joy.

Monday - (work, obviously :) followed by SKINNY PUPPY at THE FORUM in KENTISH TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen Skinny Puppy so am very excited about this one. I managed to catch most of the Industrial bands who were around in the early 90's but never saw Skinny Puppy (or Ministry for that matter - their new album is back on form btw). SKINNY PUPPY!!!!! Yay!!!!



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Jul. 14th, 2004 05:44 pm (UTC)
Busy boy
Wow - sounds like life's pretty good for you at the moment. Pass on a birthday hug to sister #3 for me, and good luck to Jess going to the States!
So is the Syntheic Culture the Ballroom equivalent or will we never see its likes again? (*sniff*)
Do tell us what Skinny Puppy's like live (*suitably envious look*)
Jul. 19th, 2004 12:40 am (UTC)
Re: Busy boy
Sister #3 - shall do.
Jess - didn't manage to see her on Saturday but will hopefully talk to her later or will just have to fall back on email. Will pass it on though.
Synthetic Culture - basicallyy think EB for musical style but the venue is very different. Dancefloors are smaller for a start but the building is a maze of corridors and staircases with a nice outside courtyard for people to cool down in and general lounge about chilling out. Very nice club, although only once a month.
Skinny Puppy - that's tonight :-p Shall let the world know what they're like, don't worry!!!
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