Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

London Steampunk Club Night

Just spotted the below Steampunk Party taking place in London in a  few weeks time.

With all my chatter about Steampunk being the Next Big Thing I thought I'd better do my bit and advertise this too :p

Not sure if I'll be there (being a week before Dragonmeet and another friends party that night if I can make it out to do anything) but might see what I can manage.

Second Call for The Post Hallowe'en, Pre-Yuletide, Costume Launch Party! 30% of pre-sale tickets gone already!

22 November 2008 - 8 p.m. until 1 a.m.

We have Accredited Gramophone Jockeys Paul Sticks (founder of Vagabonds - one of London's best Goth/Alt Nightclubs), Andy Ravensable (of Salisbury Masquerade Ball, Wrecked III, the last VVvsSS and many others), Maddy (the GJ formerly known as Madderz) and Sandey Dee (both from last VVvsSS and other events hosted by the London Vampyre Group) - for your music and dancing pleasure! We also present The Sirens of Sinful Temptation Lingerie and Fantasy Outfits Catwalk Show...with Vampyric Vixens, Steampunk Sassy and other Fantasies and Delights! Our venue is a dedicated and tasteful cellar bar, also a Weatherspoons outlet with all drinks offers and inexpensive fare associated with that name.

DRESS CODE: Goth/Steampunk/Fantasy and Fetish (No Nudity, No Effort No Entry) R.O.A.R - Prizes for Best Dressed!

Tickets are available for just £5 pre-purchased here (there are no other costs as you will be sent a numbered e-ticket). It will be £6 on-the-night and subject to availability, we will however give a £1 reduction to members of the London Vampyre Group, The Vampyre Connexion, London Vampyre Meetup Group and the London Goth Meetup Group on presentation of valid membership card!

Last time was a blast from the past! Lets do it all again! And it you've not seen the photos, by Polstar Photography, please do have a look here  and I am very pleased to confirm that Polly Polstar will be along again to capture the night with her fine photography.


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