Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Angus Goes on a Daily Mail Rant

Should come as no surprise to discover that Paul Dacre, editior of the Daily Mail, is a bit of a prat.

Don't know in that case why I was surprised to discover he seems to be one. The man seems to talk utter twaddle.

"If Gordon Brown wanted to force a privacy law, he would have to set out a bill, arguing his case in both Houses of Parliament, withstand public scrutiny and win a series of votes," he said.

"Now, thanks to the wretched Human Rights Act, one judge with a subjective and highly relativist moral sense can do the same with a stroke of his pen."

The "wretched Human Rights Act" indeed. I'd hate to see a society where everything fit into Dacre's viewpoints if he doesn;t agree with the Human Rights Act and thinks it's an abomination.

His comments about the Mosley case (which his paper lost) also annoyed me. Ok, I sit very nicely on the liberal side of the fence but I do feel that if people want to have consenual 'unconventional' sex (in the eyes of the mainstream) then they should be able to without any worries or the media throwing it on the front page in outrage and scandal. Especially when said media actually lie about the facts.

The media should be about factual news. If you can't trust news sources to provide you factual news then they are not a good source of information any longer. Now I know many of my friends don't consider The Daily Mail as a *news*paper anyway so maybe it's unsurprising that the paper isn't interested in reporting the news in the same way as The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and Independent are. I guess I should lump The Daily Mail very firmly in the same camp as The Sun, Mirror and Star - the sensationalist tabloid gossip camp. But then I think I probably have done for many years anyway so I'm stop whining and giving The Daily Mail a higher status and importance than it actually holds

Mail Editor Accuses Mosley Judge (BBC News; Sunday 9th November 2008)


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