Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Indiecon 08...

...was very good fun.

Caught up with a number of old friends (including Grim, Big Steve, Christian and Emmylou), played a host of games (Memoir '44, Ticket to Ride, Incan Gold, Mad Scientist University plus a couple of playtest and 'in development' games from Cubicle 7).

The Con itself has a lot of potential. It's at the same site as Consequences (a LARP Convention in a couple of weeks time) and Conception (at the end of January/early February which pulls in about 600-700 people) which is a very good venue - athough the playing areas could be a bit larger. The attendence wasn't great for their first event (I'm not sure of the actual figures but I'd guess it was under 100) but those who were there had fun, brought games and enjoyed themselves. They also form some of the more vocal members in the UK RPG scene so will go away and talk about the Con and promote next years event. I'd be very surprised if IndieCon 09 doesn't have 250/300+ attendees at a minimum.

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