Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Life Update

I don't feel that I've had a moment to just stop and relax recently. As you can probably tell from my recent bloggings (or lack of them apart from general announcements or news posts) I've even been a bit too busy to drop in and update here - and what I could talk about I can't currently talk about! Which is a bit frustrating as lots of stuff is happening on a number of fronts.

I've been in a seemingly never-ending sequence of meeting after meeting on my days off for one thing or another. It's all good and things are certainly looking positive for 2009 if everything jells together.

Last weekend was hectic. I had an out-of-town meeting all day on saturday and got back to my house at 8pm and had a very quick turnaround to head out to Dave and Marysa's for dinner and a dvd with them and their friend Mads who is a TV/Film producer (I was supposed to be at theirs for 7.30). After a very nice meal we watched Iron Man (which I fear I dozed off slightly in beign pretty shattered) and then chatted for about 3 hours (I'd surprisingly perked up after the film finished) . Lots of good chats and story swapping but getting home at 3.30am after the last few weeks I've had might not have been the best idea - especially as I had to be up again early on Sunday mroning to get a efw things done and then head to gameforce  for the rest of the day.

Gameforce was pretty good fun. We had a good turnout, a few new players, and I ended up playing a bunch of fairly quick-play games during the course of the day. Incan Gold, Coloretto, Cash & Guns (which I really enjoyed), Felix - The Cat in the Sack, Mag*Blast, Pass The Bomb, etc. I really fancied playing Ghost Stories again (actualsean , Dave and myself managed to get a game in after work on Friday and it's a really good co-operative game) but didn't get the opportunity too. Some of the other groups were also playing the new Battlestar Galactica Board Game, Acquire and Power Grid - all of which I wouldn't have minded playing if time and space had allowed.

As it was we didn't leave the club until almost 10pm so it was another long day away from home.

I ended up having to work late tonight getting the website sorted with this weeks New Releases as I've booked the next couple of days off. I have meetings in Reading and Oxford tomorrow and have a friend coming over tomorrow night whom I've not seen in ages. Then on Wednesday I'm heading into London to drop off a whole bunch of flyers round the game and comic shops for Dragonmeet which is scarily only a week and a bit away now! The rest of Wednesday is also involving Dragonmeet prep and admin work.

Still, it's a life and one I enjoy. If I wasn't busy I'd no doubt be bitterly complaining of boredom.

Hope to catch you all later and take care folks!


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