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Goodbye Lulu...

I think Lulu have now priced themselves out of the market for me and my buying habits.

I'd seen some discussions on a number of forums (publisher and consumer) about the Lulu price rises and shipping costs but didn't really pay too much attention to it. I was on their site this evening to pick up a printed copy of a new book a friend is releasing and wanted me to have a look over for him (I got a free PDF of it to look over but prefer physical copies). Needless to say I found a number of other games I fancied buying at the same time and got over to check out with a modest £36.45 worth of books - to find out that postage would now cost me £71.53 for a total of £107.98!!!!!

Lulu can F**k right off if they think I'll be happy paying that (and it was the only shipping option they gave me).

I sent them the below question...

Dear Lulu,
How come your postage has increased so much?
It was over double the cost of my prespective order (order = £36.45 postage = £71.53)!
Have you shut down your UK and European printers and only operating one out of Outer Mongolia or some far flung Asteroid field? That's the only reason I can think of for such prohibitive postage costs.
Please let me know when/if these charges are changing or if this is going to be standard costings from now on with Lulu?
Many thanks,
Angus Abranson
Publisher, Writer, Retailer and Customer

I don't think I'll be using, or recommending Lulu again unless something significant changes :(

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