Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

20 Things You Want To Know About ME!

Courtesy of ross_winn  I thought I'd break the usual LJ postings (as rare as they may be these days) with a little meme to remind you that I am still alive :p

1. Favorite food? Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Vegetables and gravy.
2. Favorite fast food? Burgers (do gourmet burgers count as fast food? - if not then, er, shish kebab)
3. Favorite car? I have zero knowledge or opinion about cars. I am not a real boy.
4. Favorite animal? Cats in a domestic sense. Dolphins otherwise.
5. Favorite pet? Probably Puffy be default that she was around before I entered the world so I grew up with her (a cat).
6. Favorite holiday? I don't know. Any time off is nice.
7. Favorite season? I'm going to break with habit here and say summer. I've been getting a growing appreciation of summer and warm weather as a whole as I've been growing older. Or I could be ultra geeky and say Season Six of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer :p
8. Favorite jewelry? Don't really do jewelry much. Don't wear any at present although I've thought about getting a new necklack/pendant. I guess the most attached I ever was to a piece of jewelry was the 'Friendship Ring' that Angela gave me back in 1995 which survived as a reasonably regular frixture on my finger up until it's untimely demise in 2003.
9. Favorite flower? One's that look nice and smell nice?
10. Favorite drink (alcoholic)? Southern Comfort.
11. Favorite drink (non-alcoholic)? Diet Coke.
12. Favorite clothing? Black jeans and black t-shirt with band/art on it. I like comfortable clothes.
13. Favorite book? Hmm... Probably Dune by Frank Herbert.
14. Favorite movie? Bladerunner.
15. Favorite actor/actress? I don't do *favourite* actors or actresses.
16. Favorite TV show? Buffy The Vampire Slayer for shows no longer on air. Doctor Who and/or Heroes for shows that are still current.
17. Favorite singer/band? Too many to mention and always in a state of fluxx. Currently probably still a toss up between In Strict Confidence, Conjure One and Fields of the Nephilim with Juno Reactor, Delerium and Hallucinogen bubbling under.
18. Favorite color? Royal Purple or Black.
19. Favorite place? I have none.
21. Favorite sport? Football (Soccer to our North American cousins)
22. Favorite candy? Chocolate. Guyan chocolates to be even more precise...
23. Favorite hobby? Board Gaming & RPGing.
24. Favorite way to relax? Sharing a bottle + of wine with a favourite friend over a dvd or listening to music. Failing that, reading.
25. Favorite memory? None stand out. I have lots of very good and very fond memories though. Actually, two probably stand out. The realisation that I'd met a fantastic girl and was deeply in love (on two seperate occasions with two seperate girls). There is nothing that can compare to the realisation that you've met someone who has changed your life forever and how much they can have an everlasting effect on you.


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