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...on music... The Kills and live bands...

I've become addicted to The Kills since receiving three of their CDs ("No Wow", "Keep On Your Mean Side" and "Midnight Boom").

They have a fantastic sound and just listening to them completely takes me away and engulfs me. I know I can get very pasisonate, and involved, in music and discover new bands that sweep me away on an alaramingly regular basis (much to the dispair of my bank balance, my harddrive and the amount of spare space I have in my room and CD racks/boxes) but I'm so glad I finally picked up their CDs after having heard, and enjoyed, several of their songs for the last couple of years. I've no idea why I didn't pick them up earlier.

Silly me.

I also notice that Ghostfire were playing a gig this evening. Being a 'steampunk' band I feel I should have known this was on before the night itself and have gone to check them out.

Still, I have a gig-filled week ahead of me. Which is a change and a rarity this year as it's been largely filled with lots of work and little chance of play. My gig tally this year is appalling bad compared to my usual outtings.

Still, this week I have Ipso Facto at The Lexington in Kings Cross on Monday night, New Model Army at The Astoria on Wednesday, *maybe* The Black Angels at ULU on Thursday and then Star Industry/Voices of Masada at Slimelight on Saturday. I say *maybe* Black Angels on Thursday as there was a ticket going spare (alas no longer) but know I've heard them I quite fancy seeing them anyway if their are still tickets available to buy and I'm not too shattered/over worked by Thursday.

I also now have tickets for Wayne Hussey at The Islington Academy at the end of January and Innerpartysystem at The Underworld at the beginning of February.

I'm going to try and make it out to more gigs in 2009 and, *maybe*, do something else that I've long wanted to do involving the music scene.

But then I have a hundred projects boiling under at any point and do need to sleep sometimes. Apparently.

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