Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gaming Journals and New Friends...

I woke up this morning to several new friends requests (hello new friends!)  - from people all involved in gaming - and wondered what had happened.

I usually get a couple of requests every two weeks or so but to get several on the same day was rather strange - especially as I'd not just been to a convention and met a bunch of people or made an announcement about new Cubicle 7 projects or events which might have led anyone here - nor have I, to my knowledge, made any vaguely controversial or inflammatory posts on any forum or mailing lists.

I have since discovered that I made philreed 's "Ten LiveJournal Users You Should Follow..." list - which I'm pretty gobsmacked about. Looking at the rest of the list I'm not quite sure how I managed to squeeze myself onto that! If you are a gamer I'd certainly mirror Phil's comments about the LJ's he mentions (and if you're seeing this then you're reading mine anyway so there's no point trying to warn you away from it!). I've met quite a few of the people Phil mentions and it's safe to say that many of them I consider friends outside of gaming who'd I'd see if we all lived closer even if we didn't have gaming in common. Certainly they all have a great take on the gaming industry and are people I consider very knowledgable (even if I don't always 100% agree with them).


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