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(Photos) GenCon Crew 2008, et al.

Been sorting out some photos this evening (having to empty my old mobile of all of its pictures before I decommisson it for good).

Some fond memories in there. I thought I'd share a couple. First up is one that was not taken on my camera phone from set-up day at GenCon 2008 in Indianapolis...

From Left to Right of the screen you have Marc Farrimond (Cubicle 7), Gareth Michael-Skarka (Adamant Entertainment & Cubicle 7), Andy Perergine (Cubicle 7)  Chris Birch (Cubicle 7 & Dragonmeet), Jonny Nexus (of Game Night fame - kneeling), Sasha Bilton (Axe Initiative/Pelgrane Press), Angus Abranson (Cubicle 7 & Dragonmeet), Warren Philips (Dragonmeet) and Bairbre Philips.

Second up is one from May which was taken on the old camera phone of Jasmina and myself.

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