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Tennant on the Doctor Who Musical and Thor Movie News...

Another couple of news items from IMBD News that I thought some of you might like. I'm sticking these under a cut though as I don;t want to dominate all of your Friends lists with my endless posts this eevning...

Doctor Who star David Tennant is keen for the cult TV show to be turned into a musical - because he loves "a song and a dance."

The Scottish actor is adamant the sci-fi programme would easily translate to the stage, but would prefer to keep a musical version on TV screens as it would be difficult to find the time for a long-running live production.

He says, "Doctor Who: The Musical has been mentioned. I would be up for it. I love a song and a dance. The thing about a musical is you have to commit for a year and a half and it's eight times a week."

Tennant was recently forced to pull out of his run in a London production of Shakespeare's Hamlet due to a back injury..

British actor Kenneth Branagh has confirmed he is to direct new comic book movie Thor.

The star - more famous for his roles onstage - has completed negotiations with Marvel bosses to helm the film, due for release in 2010.

Branagh's last big-screen directorial outing was 2007's Sleuth, starring Sir Michael Caine and Jude Law.

And he can't wait to take the challenge of directing a Hollywood blockbuster.

He says, "We're getting the story and visual effects together and all of that is very exciting."

Thor follows the tale of a disabled medical student whose alter ego is the Norse god.


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