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Goodbye Credability!

Embarassing fact time.

I was looking through a load of old concert tickets and mini-reviews that I used to write myself as reminders of the bands I saw and what I thought of them. These date back to my first ever gig in 1987 (Whitesnake at Wembley Arena).

I was amazed at some of the bands I'd seen and completely forgotten. Most of the bands are good quality alternative affairs - mainly in the goth/industrial/indy vein of things which is not unusual as its me :-p

BUT (this is a big but so capitals are appropriate ;-p) there was one 'performer' (in the loosest possible sense of the word) that I saw that I'd completely forgotten about (and quite rightly so). It was back in the summer of '95 when a good friend of mine (Barbie Mike) and me decided to go on a campaign to see some of the big 'Pop' acts of the time as a bit of a pisstake. Unfortunately both Take That and Spice Girls sold out in no time so we missed them (although we were both guest listed at the Spice Girls first ever live gig at GAY at the Astoria but then ended up getting too pissed at Club X at the LA2 to remember about it!!). So the only band we managed to see on our quest was East 17.

Now East 17 were bloody good (which shocked the hell out of us) but I could never remember who the support acts were until the weekend as I sifted through my notes. Supporting the glory that was East 17 was a fading star who for some godforsaken reason has come to the ascendcy in Britain again over the last year. It is also the same person who I signed ukmonty up to his fan club (and Monty only realised who'd done it a few years ago... hehe).

Yes, I have seen Peter Andre live.

(hangs head in shame)

And yes, he was absolutely terrible live if my account at the time is anything to go by.

Oh well, Skinny Puppy tonight. I'll have to sacrifice myself to the mosh pit in pennance for my past sins....

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