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LJ Archieving Request

Given the potentially disturbing news that LJ have cut over 2/3rds of their workforce today can anybody suggest to me a good LJ Archieving tool (with links) so I can back-up my various LJs (primarily this one) pronto.

Hopefully it's nothing but in the current economic climate it's entirely possible we might be waving bye to LJ if we're unlucky (I really hope not though as I still prefer this as a blogging site to anything else I've used. I love Facebook - but for completely different reasons to LJ).

Also, for those of you out there on Facebook I am on there (just search for Angus Abranson) so if LJ does have problems you can keep in touch there. Please feel free to friend me :) If the worst case scenario does come about then I'll be looking at keeping a blog going 'somewhere' - just don't know where - so if anyone has any suggestions regarding an LJ-like blogging site (what's Word Press like?) please let me know. Ideally I'd like something that a number of friends will also be on that will allow easy access and browsing for friends latest blog entries similiar to LJ's Friends Page.

Anyway, please send me backup options + other blog options!!!! And I'll keep my fingers crossed I won't really need them!

LiveJournal on Life Support (Mashable; Tuesady 6th January 2009)


Jan. 6th, 2009 07:21 pm (UTC)
Reports as to exactly how many staff were laid off do seem to vary between 12 and 20. The originating site has changed its figures, so who's to know what the actual state of play is at the mo, let alone what the long-term effects will be..

Will ask around as regards archiving apps and suchlike.

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