Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Spiderman II

I caught Spiderman II last night with Dave and Sarah. I wasn't sure what it'd be like before I went as I wasn't all that keen on the first Spiderman film when I saw it on the cinema (it was only much later when I saw it on DVD that I really enjoyed the film!).

Spiderman II is, however, excellent. Doctor Octopus (a villain I was always a bit dubious about) was superb and all the actors involved did a sterling job. Stan Lee had two cameo appearences (that I counted anyway) and Bruce Campbell appears once again for a small bit of silver-screen greatness.

The story is good and having managed to miss a lot of the spoilers for this installment I was pleasently surprised a number of time sthroughout the film.

If you even remotely thought Spiderman I was alright I would urge you to go and see this. It's a rarity - a sequel that's actually better than the first film!

I can't wait for Spiderman III :-P

School Report: A- (A summer bloxkbuster that actually lives up to the hype!)

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